UCH Research Profile

Providing evidence to real needs – UCH conducts research that informs practice and policy for real needs in the communities.

Over the years UCH, has directly and indirectly carried out research projects in the areas of Education, Health, Information, Climate Change among others.

Data and information generated from these projects has been used to inform policy at district and national level while strengthening local research capacity.

Some of the Key research projects that we have been involved in iclude but not limited to;

  1. Using Information and Communication Technologies to address Water Challenges in Uganda (CHAI) Project. (2012-2014), funded by IDRC.
  2. Strengthening Community Health in Uganda (STRETCH-Uganda), 2011, funded by IDRC.
  3. Uganda Health Information Network (UHIN),  2004 – 2010, funded by IDRC
  4. Education Management Information System (EMIS), 2010 – 2011, funded by Academy for Education Development